Companies of Mongolia and the U.K. partner in railroad construction

2019-10-25 14:23:15

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A partnership agreement on the construction of the railway en route Tavantolgoi - Zuunbayan has been signed between the ‘Gan Khiits’ and ‘Ulaanbaatar Buk’ companies of Mongolia, and the ‘Pandrol’ company of the U.K.


Minister of Road and Transport B.Enkhamgalan, and Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Mongolia Philip Malone attended the signing ceremony that took place at the control center at the Zuunbayan station in Dornogobi aimag.

The two Mongolian companies, ‘Gan Khiits’ and ‘Ulaanbaatar Buk’, will be participating in the construction of the 414.6km railway en route Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan by providing concrete pillow blocks, while the U.K. company, ‘Pandrol’, will be providing Pandrol rail fasteners. The design of the concrete pillow blocks was done by a U.K company called, ‘RM&S’, which was approved by corresponding organizations of Mongolia, and being manufactured by the two Mongolian companies.