Eco-friendly advanced technology in use to reduce air pollution

2019-10-21 15:26:59

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. A work is ongoing to replace low-pressure boilers of 20 schools and kindergartens, located in the air quality improvement zone, with electrical and advanced geothermal heating and gas heating technology. Within this framework, gas heating equipment that has replaced low pressure boilers of school #139 and kindergarten #221 of Chingeltei district have been put into operation on October 18.

At the event, the Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat said, “Children are mostly affected by the air pollution. The most important responsibility of us is to create a healthy and safe environment for children. That’s why, we are taking step-by-step actions to reduce air and environmental pollution and implementing proper waste sorting management by means of introducing eco-friendly advanced techniques and technology in the school environment.”

Gascom LLC was selected as a contractor for replacing low-pressure boilers of complexes of school and kindergarten #129, 214, 139 and 221and the kindergarten #127 and school #196 with gas heating equipment. Heating equipment from Japan's Rinnai LLC, installed by the contractor, has been commissioned the same day.

The company officials highlighted that the heating equipment will prevent from 540.2 tons of ash and CO2 emissions.

‘Gascom’ LLC will be fully responsible for the gas supply and maintenance of equipment throughout the year. And the company authority said that the quality and safety of the product can be trusted.

Furthermore, Gascom LLC is installing its gas heating equipment in not only kindergartens and schools, but also in ger area households. For instance, more than 50 households have resolved their heating by the gas equipment since last September.