Mongolia to establish Consulate General in Manzhouli

2019-10-11 16:23:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The resolution of the establishment of Mongolian Consulate General in Manzhouli was adopted during today's plenary session of parliament.

Manzhouli is not only a strategically important located city which has direct access to bordering three countries Mongolia, China and Russia but also quite a popular tourist destination among Mongolians and the number of tourists has a tendency to increase furtherly. “HunnuAir” LLC conducts a direct flight from Ulaanbaatar to Manzhouli five times a week. In 2017, duplicated number of 256,769 citizens of Mongolia have traveled to Manzhouli through Sumber-Khashaan, Khavirga-Ar khashaat, Bayankhoshuu-Uvdug, Khangi-Mandal ports. Therefore, establishing a Consulate General of Mongolia in Manzhouli, China is significant to protect the rights of Mongolians and to prevent any possible dangers and risks, according to the Government of Mongolia. The Consulate General is to have three employees initially and the operational expenses will be allocated from the state budget.

The majority (74.4 percent) of the Parliament members supported the resolution.