Sludge processing facility puts into operation

2019-09-10 16:19:45

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Construction of Ulaanbaatar Wastewater Treatment Plant is ongoing with soft loan of the Government of China. Within the project, a sludge processing facility has been built and put into operation on September 9. The facility has a capacity to dehydrate 2500 cubic meters of sludge a day.

The sludge processing facility is consisted of sludge pumping, chemical substance compounding equipment, centrifugal dryer, bunker, vacuum cleaning pump, air blower, ventilation system, toxic gas monitoring system and control system. PAC or polyaluminum chloride chemical agents will be used in dewatering of the sludge.

By decreasing amount of accumulated sludge 50 times and crude silt 5 to 8 times, odor generated from the Wastewater Treatment Plant will be removed at such level.


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