Khalkhgol soum newly developed for 80th anniversary of the Khakhiin Gol Battles

2019-09-05 13:55:53

Dornod /MONTSAME/ A project to redevelop the Khalkhgol soum, Dornod aimag completed ahead of the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Mongolian-Soviet joint victory of the Khalkhiin Gol Battles. The project was launched last year with a financing of EUR 8 million from the Russian Rosneft company. 

The redevelopment project of the new soum constructed 11 buildings in the Khalkhgol soum, including the Governors’ Office, cultural center with 250 seats, a 20-bed hospital, secondary school for 650 students, a kindergarten for 150 children, a dormitory building for 180 secondary school students and a sports hall. Moreover, some issues concerning infrastructure and hygiene facilities were solved thanks to the projects and three steam boilers to supply heat to apartments and other buildings were built. 

A four-meter statue of Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal Georgy Zhukov, gifted by the Irkutsk Oblast of Russia was also erected in Khakhgol soum. Around 500 people, including employees of Ikh Modun LLC, personnel of the 138 and 110th units of the Mongolian Armed Forces, and residents of the soum took part in the redevelopment project. 

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