Mongolian-Russian joint military drill launches

2019-08-20 16:56:43

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Mongolian-Russian joint military tactical training “Selenge-2019” has started at the training field of the 327th military unit of the military armed forces in Choibalsan city, Dornod aimag. The military exercise, involving more than 1500 military personnel of the two countries, will last until August 27 in Choibalsan city. 

Military personnel of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces will stay at the training field and take part in cultural, entertainment and sports events and two countries’ soldiers will undertake a special training to destroy 'illegal armed groups' during the field training. The 12th  military drill is being held on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the battle of Khalkhiin Gol. Mongolian and Russian military officials were present at the opening event of the military training. 

Named after the Selenge River, which flows through Mongolia and Russia, the military exercise has been organized annually since 2008. Up until 2011, the drill was firstly a live fire exercise, but it gradually expanded to include more complex tactical scenarios, including amphibious assaults and tactical landings during river crossings.