Cashmere forum suggests to establish joint high capacity plant

2019-07-23 17:38:04

Ulaanbaatar /MONSTAME/ The fourth edition of the Mongolia-China cashmere forum themed ‘Expanding mutually beneficial cooperation’ held today has made recommendation. The recommendation about eco-friendly sustainable cashmere production, the two countries cooperation development in cashmere sector suggests a number of proposals including:

  • To establish a joint final product plant with high capacity in Mongolia.
  • To give Mongolian companies an opportunity to operate at the Agricultural Park in Bayannur, Inner Mongolia, China.
  • To employ well-versed, experienced engineers and technicians of China in Mongolia and upskill Mongolian engineers and technicians at Chinese companies.
  • To collaborate in promoting Mongolian quality products to the Chinese market

About the conference, Tian Hong, Director of CFNA Animal By-products Department, said “The two countries have ample opportunity to partner with each other in the big world market. Cashmere producers of the two countries have had numerous meetings. This time as well, we are learning from experience and achievements of one another and looking for ways to enter the world market.”

“We will develop together through joint studies and introduction of advanced cashmere processing technologies to enter that huge market,” he added, while stating his willingness to initially exchange information and bring Mongolian cashmere products to the Chinese market to do so.