Ts.Ganchimeg: Citizens with disabilities to be practiced in workplace

2019-07-03 17:03:54

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Under the auspices of Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh, representatives from countries of the Asia-Pacific Region are gathering in Mongolia, discussing issues encountering to persons with disabilities (PWDs) and ways to resolve them.

Attendees of the congress touched issue on giving financial possibilities to PWDs in a way of providing them with jobs. General Agency for Development of Persons with Disabilities is planning to officially register citizens with disabilities who have willingness to work and to prepare them for work by practicing in the workplace,” Director of General Agency for Development of Persons with Disabilities Ts.Ganchimeg said.

State Secretary of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection G.Unurbayar said, “Each country needs to create an inclusive society. The Governments are required to be responsible on it. On the other hand, civil society organizations play a pivotal role in the development of citizens with disabilities. There are good examples of many countries that develop PWDs through these organizations. I think it will bring more results if we have a unified association of NGOs working in directions of PWDs in Mongolia. Currently, the Government is focusing attention on employment of PWDs. In particular, actions such as increasing fees for entities that have not hired people with disabilities and spending money on their employment. Moreover, Independent Living Center for PWDs are being built in six aimags. Citizens with disabilities will gather there, resolving their facing issues together and cooperating with local organizations and other institutes. In addition, Development Center for Children with Disabilities with 250 beds has been put into operation. The Sports Palace for the PWDs will be built next year.”

In Mongolia, there are 105.6 thousand citizens with disabilities, of which 11 thousand are children. Some 19.7 thousand PWDs of working age engaging in employment, mostly of them are running individual businesses in order to support livelihoods of their families and increase household income.

Under the Labour Law of Mongolia, legal entities are obliged to employ a disabled or dwarf individual for every 25-employment positions, otherwise they are required to pay a monthly fee set by the Government depending on the number of employees.