Kindergarten to be built with financing of U.S Military Academy in Uvs

2019-05-28 18:01:06

Uvs /MONTSAME/. U.S Embassy representatives led by Head of the Civil Military Relations Department David Holsk are working in Uvs aimag on May 27-28.

Aimag governor D.Batsaikhan received the representatives on May 27. The representatives worked on Baruunturuun soum, visiting and doing research at the site, where a kindergarten will be built with financing from the United States Military Academy. By sending the research results to the U.S., the budget is to be approved and the agreement will be signed. The construction work is planned to begin in 2020.

Mr. David Holsk said, “The kindergarten will be resistant to extreme cold and earthquakes and built by the standards in the U.S. It is a form of humanitarian work being done by the U.S.”

In the frameworks of the working visit, the embassy representatives became acquainted with the School Complex no.1 named after Marshall Yu.Tsedenbal as well as the information center of America at the aimag library, meeting the volunteers from the U.S working in the aimag. They also became acquainted with the water rescue equipment at the aimag’s Emergency Management Agency, expressing readiness to donate diving kits.