150 thousand households to be provided with comfortable apartment

2019-05-23 14:26:14

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. At the Cabinet meeting on May 22, Minister of Construction and Urban Development Kh.Badelkhan was tasked to approve a plan of action of the National Program ‘150 thousand households- Apartments’ within the second quarter of the year and ensure its implementation.

According to the program, it is planned to connect 10 thousand private houses with basic infrastructure facilities, re-plan ger areas to construct apartments for 45 thousand households, demolish outdated apartment buildings to build new apartments for 3000 households, construct rental apartments for 18488 households as well as others.   

Actions and funding required for the program implementation will be reflected in annual Basic Guideline to develop the country’s socio-economy, state and local budgets, and will be resolved within public and private partnership.  

The program aims at constructing affordable and safe apartments with fundamental infrastructural facilities. The government supports apartments that are economical to natural resources, have less greenhouse gas emission and meet green development principles and focuses on providing flats to target group people to improve their living conditions.  

The program will be implemented in five years between 2019 and 2023.

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