Irregular session of the parliament passes amendments to the laws

2019-03-28 14:14:45

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ On March 27, the irregular session of the Parliament discussed the bills to amend the laws on Legal Status of Judges, Prosecution and Anti-Corruption, initiated by the President, and approved the bills with votes  85-92.7 percent.

In the concept of the bills, the President stated that the leaderships of institutions including the judiciary, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Independent Authority Against Corruption, the National Police Agency, and the General Intelligence Agency, that are in charge of investigating, overseeing, and judging criminal cases, are affiliated with political-economic interest groups and are part of a conspiracy system that shields the illegal activities of these groups.

According to the amendments, judges and the Chief Justice, Prosecutor-General, Deputy Prosecutor-General, and General Director and Deputy General Director of the Independent Authority Against Corruption will be suspended and released from their duties before the end of their terms if a recommendation is issued by the National Security Council.

The laws came into effect from March 27 or the day of approval.

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