Package of tax bills to be passed during Irregular Session of the Parliament

2019-03-22 15:43:56

The package of revised tax bills is the main agenda to be considered during the Irregular Session of the Parliament, opened on March 18.


The package involves revised bills on General Taxation, Personnel Income Tax and Corporate Income Tax. On May 2018, the Government submitted to the Parliament these bills which were formulated with a purpose to resolve tax disputes arising between taxpayer and taxation administration, introduce international standards and innovative taxation principles into Mongolia in harmony with the country’s conditions, promote investors and broaden the taxation base. At its plenary meeting dated June 18, 2018, the Parliament backed to bring the package bills into discussion.


Since then, a working group, responsible for preparing the package for discussions, had worked to improve the bills and consequently organized a discussion ‘Presentation of the package of tax bills’ on February 18 with an aim to introduce and reflect proposals of individuals and businesses. The package of tax bills is intended to be discussed and passed as priority during the irregular session; thus the matter was listed on the top of agenda to be discussed by Standing Committees and plenary meeting of the parliament.

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