“A history telling painting” in a book and on display

2019-01-25 14:17:12

‘A history telling painting’, a book about a painting that depicts life, nomadic culture and a part of the history of Mongolia and research work on the painting, launched at exhibition hall of the Best Art Gallery on January 23.

Founder of ‘Senggeragi’ gallery S.Chuluunbaatar brought the ‘untitled’ artwork by a Chinese painter Xu Yang to Mongolia and named it such. Studying the events displayed on the painting, it is considered as representation of the late 18th century and early 19th century.

‘A history telling painting’ book was written by three scholars of the History and Archeology Institute of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, N.Ganbat, B.Battsooj and D.Odmagnai. It consists of three chapters about the history overview of Mongolian paintings and Chinese fine arts development as well as life of Xu Yang, the creator of the painting and Giuseppe Castiglione, who were both court painters to the Qianlong Emperor of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty.

Senior researcher of the History and Archeology Institute, Doctor, Associate Professor N.Ganbat “Artist Xu Yang was assigned to paint view of Suzhou city. It is said he left the Imperial Palace, taking his three years’ salary. Probably, he went to Mongolian steppe and painted the piece after discovering Mongolian painting style of portraying several events on a single sheet. It is also probable that his famous scroll painting ‘Burgeoning Life in a Resplendent Age’ (later renamed as Prosperous Suzhou) was painted thereafter.

Copies of ‘One Hundred Horses in a Landscape’ by Giuseppe Castiglione and the 12-meter long ‘Burgeoning Life in a Resplendent Age’ are also being showcased at the exhibition that will be mounted until February 11.

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