Virtual reality to museum exhibits

2019-01-24 15:38:48

‘The Virtual Museum’, a project planned to be carried out in five museums of Mongolia, was launched on January 23 at the Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum with installation of advanced equipment and virtual exhibits on display.

For the purpose of promoting the history and culture of Mongolia, the Government implementing Agency - Culture and Art Authority in collaboration with Doctor of Engineering and lecturer of the National University of Mongolia A.Enkhbayar and some of his students is implementing the project with State funding.


A total of eight Zanabazar’s masterpieces currently are virtualized under the project. Each has its own virtual space where the viewers can see the deity and the nature surrounding it while receiving information about the deity and enjoying melodic music.

Glorious cultural heritages of Mongolia including Karakorum city, Saridag, Tuvkhun and Amarbayasgalant Monasteries and Bogd Khan Palace Museum are planned to be virtualized in the future.

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