139 medical specialists to study in 31 specialties

2019-01-11 16:43:22

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A total of 139 medical specialists (77 doctors, 19 nurses, 2 pharmacists and 41 other employees) will be attending various courses for 5-160 days in 31 specialties in 7 countries, which includes South Korea, India, Japan, France, Russia, New Zealand and China. The tuition fees for the courses is to be financed from the state budget.

While the most number of the specialists will be taking a course in noncommunicable disease prevention, a large number of doctors will also be taking courses in children’s trauma and orthopedic studies, diagnosis and treatment of new infectious diseases, and monitoring during and post-surgery for organ transplantation. As for the countries, 89 medical specialists will be studying in South Korea, while 26 doctors will study in Japan and 14 doctors in Russia. Of the other 10 medical specialists, 6 doctors will study in China and 2 doctors will study in New Zealand, while two doctors will study in India and France.