Ownership of Asgat silver deposit to be transferred to Erdenes Mongol LLC

2019-01-07 14:39:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat of Government G.Zandanshatar received the executives of Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority, Erdenes Mongol LLC and Mongolrostsvetmet LLC.

He charged the corresponding officials to transfer the ownership of Asgat silver deposit to Erdenes Mongol LLC as no work has been done since the Government's resolution that gave right to Mongolrostsvetmet LLC to use the mine in 1993.

Furthermore, illegal mining of wolfram in Tsagaan Ereg of Khovd aimag is to be stopped. Thus, Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat of Government G.Zandanshatar charged the relevant officials to make preparations to urgently transfer the ownership of the deposit to Erdenes Mongol LLC.

The officials are also assigned to develop plans on how to use the Asgat, Salkhit and Tsagaan Ereg deposits and to introduced the plan this week and to put the deposits into economic circulation before Tsagaan Sar (Lunar New Year).

During the meeting, Mr.Zandanshatar also charged the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority to discuss lowering the price of petrol with the executives and representatives of importing companies and report back the outcomes.