Rare version of Ganjuur scripture with silver lettering kept in Mongolia

2018-12-06 12:11:22

From the Golden Ganjuur (Kanjur), Silver Ganjuur and the ‘Nine precious Ganjuur’ scriptures kept at the Museum of Rare and Valuable Books of the National Library of Mongolia, the silver Ganjuur is considered very rare in the world.

Despite that The Translation of the Word’, which is more widely known as Ganjuur, having been already translated into many languages, the full version of the scripture is being translated and studied in Mongolia and Tibet. The Mongolian version of the Ganjuur is acknowledged as the best from all the translations, —as the best Mongolian scholars of the time made little to no mistakes in the translation which based on the best Tibetan version and made comparisons with the Sanskrit, Pali and Chinese versions.

Of the total of over 40,000 tael or liang (a part of the Chinese system of weights and currency), which were used to pay the fees of the people doing the translation to Mongolian and carving of the Ganjuur and Danjuur (Tanjur), over 30,000 liang were voluntarily donated by the Mongolian people, while the state funded the remaining amount.

From the time when Buddhism spread in Tibet in the 7th century, going through many hardships, Buddhist books and sutras were brought from India, translated and kept in different places. Scholars gathered and put all sutras together and named it ‘Ganjuur’. As it has 7 sections consisting of 1,108 Buddhist teachings, it is called as an encyclopedia of the East.

Starting from 2010, Tsogt Nomiin Khurden NGO or the Kalachakra Culture Center has been transliterating the Ganjuur and Danjuur, the collection of commentaries to Ganjuur, into Cyrillic. At present, the transcription of Danjuur has finished, with the publication of 125 volumes while the transcription progress for Ganjuur is at over 40 percent.

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