‘Asian Door 2018’ fair stimulates trade and business ties

The Mongol Messenger
2018-11-27 15:27:44

‘Asian Door 2018’ international fair opened on November 20 in Ulaanbaatar. Over 30 companies of Irkutsk Oblast are participating in the ‘Asian Door 2018’ fair, annual event of Russian agricultural and industrial products.


The Asian Door fair aimed at connecting, intermediating producers of Mongolia and Russia and expanding their business opportunities is being held for the 29th year. President of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) B.Lkhagvajav said that as a result of the fair the cooperation in mining and agriculture, supply of goods and technology have increased as well as it has brought many other significant changes. “A number of Russian entities operate in Mongolia. The expansion is needed,” he noted. “In recent years, Russia is regulating the technology and management of its food factories with government policy. We can see the changes in the industry. On the one hand, the fair has become a gate to our market for the Russian businessmen on the other hand, they aim to reach Asian market through Mongolia. Moreover, Mongolian consumers are familiar with the products of Irkutsk. More new products are being presented this year.”

Over the past two years, domestic agricultural companies have cooperated with 7-8 Russian factories, making an overall technical renovation worth USD 17 million. CEO of the host company ‘Business Contact’ A.A.Sidorov expressed his gratitude to the Trade Mission of the Russian Embassy, MNCCI and the administration of Irkutsk city for supporting the event. Irkutsk region supplied USD 31 million products to Mongolia, with 8 percent export increase. The Deputy Agriculture Minister of the Irkutsk region of the Russian Federation expressed his willingness to develop cooperation with Mongolia in all fields and cooperate closely in agricultural and livestock sectors.

Deputy Agriculture Minister of the Irkutsk Oblast of the Russian Federation V.O.Kozin “ Export from Irkutsk Oblast to Mongolia exceeds USD 20 million, accounting for about 68 percent of total export. It tends to increase in the future.”

Over 30 Russian companies are participating in the fair including ‘Amta’ confectionary, ‘Baikal Eco Product’ and ‘Shaprinskaya sole proprietorship’ fish product company.

Director of the ‘Shaprinskaya sole proprietorship’ Olga Vladimirovna “Our factory has been operating in the fish processing industry for 16 years since its establishment in 2002. We started our export this year. We have brought all of our products here and the sales are good. I am hopeful that we will establish a distributor agreement with a Mongolian company in the next few days and our product will be sold at the supermarkets of Mongolia.”

Over 20 percent of 850 Russian companies, that have participated in the ‘Asian Door’ fair over the past years, started operating in Mongolia. Mongolian food companies and entities, which produce beer, sausage and buuz (dumpling), supply their products to the Irkutsk Oblast. Governor of Tulunsky District of Irkutsk Oblast M.I.Gildebrant expressed his willingness to cooperate in mining and agricultural sector and to supply 100,000 tonnes of wheat. The ‘Asian door 2018’ fair will run till November 23.


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