850 students take Oath of Citizenship

2018-11-27 12:35:54

The ceremony for the oath of citizenship took place at the State Palace, on the 26th of November, the Day of Proclamation. 850 students from the 9 districts of Ulaanbaatar and 21 aimags gathered to take their oaths.


In aims of promoting patriotism in youth, the ceremony is organized annually for 16-year-olds. Representing their age-mates, 43 students received their identity cards from the Prime Minister and leading representatives of various sectors. This year’s ceremony was unique for being the first ever ceremony to be attended by Mongolian youth with Down syndrome.

PM U.Khurelsukh highlighted that adopting the first constitution and transitioning from a monarchy into a republic on November 26, 1924 was a big step towards development for society, politics and the people’s intellect.
He said “Our country has a predominantly young population. 33.7 percent of the total population is the age group between the ages 15-34. Thus, it is one of the most important objectives for the government to have the right policy and programs for the children and youth. Starting from this year’s January, the law for youth development has been in effect. As the Prime Minister, I will fully support any actions, policies and programmes that are towards the development of Mongolian children and youth. All of you, who gathered here, are the moving force for the development of Mongolia. The guarantee of our country’s independence and the base for development are the patriotic youth that are educated, skilled and creative. And so, I believe that you, our future generation, will learn much more new things and make great efforts.”

Co-organized by the Mongolian Youth Federation and the Family, Children and Youth Development Department of Ulaanbaatar city, the ceremony took place for the 16th time under the patronage of the Prime Minister.

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