Twenty two areas to be taken into state special protection

2018-09-05 16:11:40
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its regular meeting on September 5, the Cabinet backed a draft parliamentary resolution on taking some areas into state special protection and decided to submit it to the parliament. The draft resolution asserts to take certain areas in 22 locations of 8 aimags into state special protection.     

Following the Cabinet meeting, Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat reported press on this issue. 

The Minister said, "The Cabinet supported an issue to take 22 lands into state special protection. Presently, 17.8 percent of Mongolia's territory is under the state special protection. Newly proposed lands cover territories of 29 soums of 9 aimags. Sizes of several strictly and specially protected areas will be enlarged this time. Moreover, the Cabinet supported the draft parliamentary resolution on involving Tes River and Bulnain Nuruu in the state special protection as a classificiation of National park and Tsagaan Del cave as a sightseeing place.

By taking these lands such as Tes River, Khukh Lake, Menengiin Tsagaan Khooloi and headwater of Ulz River into the state special protection, the size of the protected areas will be expanded with 3.2 million ha or by 2.1 percent in the country's territory.