369 students studying in Japan

Society | Education
2018-05-08 13:33:41
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A ‘Higher Engineering Education Development Project’ with an aim to train a thousand engineers in Japan is being implemented successfully for the 5th year.
A total of nine instructors and scientists from the National University of Mongolia and the Mongolian University of Science and Technology who participate in joint researches, will  study in Japan this time, meeting criteria of doctorial and master’s programs. 
The first exchange students of joint bachelor program passed an entrance exam in November, 2017 to enroll in Japanese 10 Consortium Universities such as Nagaoka University of Technology and Kyushu University. The selected 55 students will study construction and environmental engineering, architectural and mechanical engineering specialities transferring to the third course.
Moreover, 29 students who passed an entrance exam of KOSEN National Institute of Technology of Japan received rights to enroll in the third course of 28 KOSEN technical colleges to become professional technical specialists. 
On May 7, representatives of ‘Asia Seed’ NPO, an advisor organization of the project and Japanese International Cooperation Agency received 93 Mongolian students starting to study in Japan beginning from April, 2018 and wished them success to their future studies. Number of students studying at Japanese colleges and universities totals 369 now.

Within the course of implementation of a 'Training Thousand Engineering Project', the parties agreed to train 200 students in KOSEN program, 320 students in joint bachelor program, 160 students in doctorial and master’s programs and 320 students in non-degree program in Japan.