Mongolian Fine Art Masterpiece: 'Projectionist'

2018-08-28 16:45:49

MONTSAME National News Agency in cooperation with the Mongolian National Modern Gallery is presenting a series of Mongolian fine art masterpieces. This time, we are presenting the work ‘Projectionist’ by State Prize Laureate, People’s Painter of Mongolia and State Honored Cultural Figure Luvsangiin Gavaa/ Gavaa Luvsan.


The ‘Projectionist’ was created on a canvas sized 120:80 cm by using oil-painting. Through his painting, the artist aimed to illustrate how a projectionist working in isolated Gobi region to promote arts and culture. Back then, it was such a difficult process to screen film. One can see from the painting that Mongolian cinema had been adjusted to nomadic lifestyle at the time. Since artist L.Gavaa was a native of Gobi, he described the beauty of Gobi aesthetically in his work.


L.Gavaa worked as an assistant painter along with one of Mongolian famous painters Sharav aka Marzan Sharav at the State Printing House. He is also considered as the first scene painter of Mongolia. One of his remarkable works is ‘Tsogt the Prince’ which was created in 1945.


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