South Korea’s students renovate secondary school of Luus soum

2018-07-19 14:07:49
Dundgobi /MONTSAME/ Students of the Keimyung College University (KMCU) in South Korea have conducted a weeklong humanitarian work at the secondary school of Luus soum of Dundgobi aimag.

35 students and 5 teachers of the KMCU worked at the secondary school, installing parquet flooring, doing renovating works, and holding trainings on life skills, science and cognition for the students. They also presented some lesson materials and a three-function printer, which were donated by the teachers, staff and students of the KMCU to the school. 

Dundgobi aimag's Department of Education, Culture and Arts and the secondary school presented certificate of appreciation to the students. The aimag authorities expressed gratitude and noted their hope that the further cooperation will continue.  

During the closing ceremony of the humanitarian event, children of the ‘Tengeriin temdeg'  (Mark of Sky) children’s theater performed a play and students of the Keimyung College University introduced their programs and offered Korean national cuisine they made to the guests.