Mangirt community development project launches

2018-06-28 13:05:54
Darkhan-Uul /MONTSAME/ ‘Good Neighbors’, an international NGO of the Republic of Korea, has launched ‘Mangirt’ community development project in fifth and seventh bags /smallest rural territorial-administrative unit/ of Darkhan soum.

Founded 27 years ago, the ‘Good Neighbors’ cooperates with 37 countries. It has been implementing humanitarian projects and programs for development in Mongolia since 2006. A cooperation agreement with Darkhan-Uul aimag was signed on March 29, 2018 for first time amongst rural areas. According to the agreement, cooperation will continue for 5 years.

Long-term projects and programs will help increasing the target bag’s household income and access to education, improving child protection issues and environmental hygiene, and providing healthy living conditions, safe drinking water and sanitation facilities. In accordance with a study, 1200 children will benefit from the project.

Project launching ceremony was attended by the deputy governor of the aimag A.Tuvshinbat and team members and relevant authorities of the project.