One of the Nine White Banners kept in Dornogobi museum

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2018-06-12 17:24:10
Dornogobi /MONTSAME/ One of the eight satellite white banners of the Nine White Banners of Chinggis Khan is being kept in the local museum of Sainshand city, Dornogobi aimag. Chinggis Khan and his descendants used to place the eight satellite banners along the border as the symbol of protection.

During the Qing rule, the Nine White Banners were kept in strictly secret and placed separately. In the 1600s the banners were settled along with 100 convoys at the Khutag Mountain near the southeastern border of the country. The banners were worshipped and placed at the Sulden Khukh hill of Khuvsgul soum of Dornogobi aimag. The last standard-bearer D.Dorj worshipped the banner until mid-1930s and when the repression began it was interrupted.

Currently, over 200 of his descendants are continuing the family line of standard-bearer. White banners were used to be placed along the country border at the Sulden Khukh hill of Dornogobi aimag, former Lu Janjin khoshuu (county) of Uvs aimag in the west and Targan Baatar van khoshuu of Gobi-Altai aimag.

The Mongolian White Banner was destroyed during the 1930s repressions and was later restored according to the rules.