Liver resection performed in Uvs aimag for the first time

2018-06-06 14:59:59
Uvs /MONTSAME/ On June 5, Under the National Campaign Against Cancer (NCAC), doctors led by Director of the National Cancer Center J,Chinburen successfully performed a three-hour liver resection on a 48-year-old woman jointly with the doctors from the Surgical Department of Uvs aimag’s Central Hospital.

The patient was diagnosed as having 6-7 cm tumor during a health checkup on June 4 and she underwent the surgery as tomography scan showed possibility of liver resection.   

“We removed 35 per cent of the liver without leaving any tumor behind. No problem occured during the surgery. We have been performing surgeries in countryside under the campaign, however we have not had such major surgery like liver removal before. Uvs aimag has almost the highest incidence of liver cancer. Three liver cancer cases were diagnosed in a single day. In addition, stomach cancer incidence in Uvs aimag is twice as much as the national average. Therefore, we are cooperating with the Central Hospital of the aimag on diagnosing cancers at an early stage. People shall voluntarily have check-ups in order to prevent cancer.” said the Professor and Director of the National Cancer Center Dr. J.Chinburen.

“Today, a patient with a large tumor in the right lobe of her liver underwent a surgery. Cancer incidence in Uvs aimag is 8 times higher than the other aimags. Therefore, the National cancer Center agreed to train doctors and nurses of the Central hospital of Uvs aimag in surgeries of liver, pancreas, esophagus and stomach. By doing this, local doctors will be able to carry out cancer surgeries locally ” said the Consultant physician of the Surgical Department of Uvs aimag’s Central Hospital L.Gankhuyag. It costs high to undergoing surgery in the capital city and especially patients with cancer waits long to be admitted to the hospital.   

A team of doctors and professionals of the NCAC are conducting 8-10 types of cancer tests in three aimags: Uvs, Bayan-Ulgii and Khovd where the stomach cancer incidences are high.