Pollution prevention training series for pupils launched

2018-03-16 12:05:47
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Ecological training series on prevention from environmental pollution’ for secondary school students has been launched  on March 15 at the school number 78 or Erdmiin Undraa complex.
The main purpose of the training is to help students and their families understand the harms of soil pollution, especially the prevention from soil contamination caused by sanitary facilities and provide with information and recommendations on health and environmental protection, involving certain secondary school students in ger districts where the bacterial soil contamination is relatively high.

During the training the Deputy Governor of the capital city responsible for Green Development and Air Pollution, J. Batbayasgalan emphasized that “ Bacterial soil contamination associated with sanitary facilities (toilets, cesspools) is high in urban areas, while soil pollution caused by mining is high in local areas. Heavy metals including lead, chrome and zinc are found in the soil around the processing plants, auto services and landfills. Therefore, trainings are organized to reduce environmental pollution, improve the learning environment of the students and to provide them with information on prevention from diseases and health protection.”

A total of 1600 pupils from 20 schools in six districts of the capital city will be involved in the series of trainings including students of  the middle and high schools and eco club. 160 students from schools number 77, 78, 93 and 54 of Bayangol district participated in the first training.