Leader D.Sukhbaatar’s 125th anniversary being celebrated

2018-02-02 13:09:08
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Today, on February 2, 2018 is the 125th anniversary of the birth of Mongolian partisan army's General Damdin Sukhbaatar.

D.Sukhbaatar leader of People's Revolution in 1921, the founder of the Mongolian People's Party was born on February 2, 1893 in the city of Maimaa(current Amgalan) in poor family of Damdin.

In his childhood, he experienced  hardships of life. To help his poor family he worked in a bazaar as a meat carrier and delivered firewoods and worked as a "ulaa nehegch" the type of a job that required to follow horse riders to bring the horses back. 

There was no public schools during D.Sukhbaatar's childhood, however his father wanted him to be educated and in 1907 brought his son to Gun (graf) S.Jamyan and Sukbaatar  became literate in his fourteen's, having taught Mongolian traditional script and mathematics. 

Young Sukhbaatar joined military in 1911 and became the commander of the machine gun batallion. In 1917 he led struggles and fights for his homeland and was awarded the title 'Hero'. Then in 1919 he became one of the leaders of People's Revolution and played a significant role in establishing contacts with the Russian revolutionaries.  In 1st of March, 1921 he participated in the first plenary meeting of the Mongolian People's
Party and contributed his life to People's Revolution process.

In 1922 he appointed as a Minister of Military Ministry and Commander in chief. According to history, in November 1921 he visited the Soviet Union and signed the peace treaty between Russia and Mongolia and met with Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. On February 20th 1923 at the age 30 he was poisoned and died.

Damdin Sukhbaatar's birthday is traditionally celebrated annually throughout the country. This year within the 125th birth of Leader D.Sukhbaatar many events are being organized in Ulaanbaatar.

Particular events include wreaths laying ceremony to the statue of Leader D.Sukhbaatar at Sukhbaatar's square, meeting of relatives of Leader D.Sukhbaatar and Mongolian People's Party leaders, opening of an exhibition of  D.Sukhbaatar's belongings and historical document, opening of the tournament of Mongolian Armed Forces' Military gymnastics and multiathlon gymnastics at Mongolian National Defense University.
Moreover the Citizens Representative Meeting's resolution to make Bayanzurkh district's 12th khoroo to be named after D.Sukhbaatar will be handed to Bayanzurkh district's authorities at 'Janjin' club and "D.Sukhbaatar and People's revolution" rhetoric contest will be organized in Ulaanbaatar.