President meets UNEP officials

2017-09-15 14:56:16
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Kh.Battulga, President of Mongolia, received Thursday Erik Solheim, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Beate Trankmann, UNEP Country Director for Mongolia.

Mentioning that Mongolia is one of the countries vulnerable to desertification in Eurasian region, the President exchanged views with the UNEP representatives on paying attention to the above issue. Kh.Battulga noted he had worked out some projects and programs on resolving water issue in Gobi region when serving as the Minister of Industry and Agriculture. He also talked about formulation of programs and policies after making feasibilities on establishing a satellite city, re-planning the capital city and constructing apartments dedicated to reducing air pollution in Ulaanbaatar city during in the post of the Minister of Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development.

In turn, the UNEP Executive Director mentioned about experiences of countries in utilizing deserts for economic means, and briefed about some successful works being implemented in Indonesia and China. He emphasized Mongolia is able to make the experience of these countries.

“Indonesia raised USD 330 million in a few months by realizing an economic development program based on tropical rainforest, and then restored forests 80 thousand hectares areas, employing some 200 thousand people. As for China, the country is developing the renewable energy and environmentally-friendly tourism sector. China is planting herbs which are adapted to desert areas too,” Erik Solheim said.

Supporting the point, the Mongolian President said, “Canada managed to tackle the desertification after planting trees, even now the country is exporting trees. This is one of the best examples of combating desertification, and Mongolia intends to realize practice of these countries,”

Kh.Battulga emphasized he is paying great attention to combating against poverty and unemployment and protection of environment as he was elected the President, and then talked about some anti-desertification actions.