UB Bicycle Parade to call for building more lanes

2017-05-19 09:46:57
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Ulaanbaatar will host a “car-free” day on Saturday, May 20. The roads will be clear of cars and other motor-vehicles, instead it will become the running track for the International UB Marathon and a parade of cyclists.

The parade is being organized by the Young Cyclists Club, “Orgil” (Summit) club and the International Adventure Cycling Association, and will be open to everyone. Bicycle renting services will be operating at Sukhbaatar Square.

The parade was first initiated by the Mongolian Youth Union under the “Alcohol or Sport?” campaign in 2013. The campaign, turning four this year, has resulted in some positive outcomes such as the increased number of people who own and ride bicycles in the city and presence of bicycle tracks.

Participants of the parade must form each year a signature words, which were, for the previous years, the abbreviation of the word “cycling Ulaanbaatar” and, also, the words “child” and “track”.

This year the cyclists will be creating the word “to add” by standing in shape of this word, calling for opening of new bike lanes in Ulaanbaatar.

Each year, around 1,500 cyclists take part in the parade. 

Off-traffic areas highlighted in yellow
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