Cooperatives-best option for job creation and industrialization

2017-02-01 18:05:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Today, the 5th forum of National cooperatives was organized under the theme “Business development gate for cooperatives” by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Heavy Industry, Mongolian National Confederation of Cooperatives together with cooperatives’ unions and cooperative supporting organizations.

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Heavy Industry P.Sergelen noted that new cooperative movement has been developing for over the past 20 years, changing its characteristics and basic principles dramatically compared to cooperatives in socialist regime.

“- Cooperative development is beneficial proper option to create many jobs in short term with minimum cost and boost industrialization in a country like Mongolia, which has low population and small market. Therefore, the Government approved ‘Social scale program to develop cooperatives-II’ and has been implementing it with a view to improve collaboration between cooperatives and supportive institutes, increase cooperatives’ contribution to society through creating favorable legal and economic environment, to develop small and medium enterprises intensively and improve competitiveness."

There are over 4200 cooperative nationwide. During the forum, some representatives of cooperatives expressed their appreciation that delivering incentives for animal skin, wool and cashmere through cooperatives have been effective way to support cooperatives and favor for cooperatives’ participation in stock exchange trade.

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