Sainshand Wastewater Treatment Plant construction to commence this year

2017-01-23 12:04:39

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Construction of the sewage treatment plant in Sainshand, the center of Dornogobi (East Gobi) province, will commence in 2017, an official source told MONTSAME. The project costs USD 3.7 million, funded by the Asian Development Bank.

The wastewater treatment facility will bring solution to sewage problem not only of Sainshand city but also of the small settlement adjacent to the railroad in the north of the city.

The necessary treatment demand for Sainshand is 1,200 cubemeters of wastewater per day, whereas the small settlement near the railroad needs to be treated of 400 cubemeters of wastewater on daily basis.

Intended treatment capacity of the project is 4,200 cubemeters per day. However, the Dornogobi Governor, T.Enkhtuvshin requested to lower the capacity to 3,200 cubemeters to minimize costs in order to allow for building more connections between settlement and treatment facility, to be located in the further southwest side of Sainshand.

The project executors accepted his request and are allowing for a possibility to increase the capacity in the future.