Governors of provinces and capital city sign cooperation agreement

2017-01-07 12:57:51

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On January 06, a two-day seminar of Chairmen of Citizens representative meetings and Governors of provinces and the capital city concluded in cooperation agreements between the Governors of provinces and the capital city and each Cabinet member.

PM J.Erdenebat attended the seminar on the second day to give them topical information and instructions. “- Saving regime should also be followed in local areas. The Government made restrictions on official trips abroad. However, one can conduct visits abroad only with a view to attract foreign investment or that is significant to economic cooperation. The visits should be profitable enough to cover the costs of those visits up to several times” said PM.

Over 170 soums out of total 330 have no ambulance and the PM promised to provide all soum hospitals with an ambulance. He also noted that provinces should take measures to prevent from air pollution caused by smoke as an air pollution problem is not apparent in the capital city only.

The Prime Minister also instructed the authorities to spend 50 per cent of donations from companies and business enterprises for local development on measures to increase job vacancy as well as make preparations to start works including constructions and road buildings no later than April 1.