Potato chips to be produced in Selenge province

2017-01-06 14:45:51

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Elit Ur” (Elite Seed) Company of Khushaat soum of Selenge province is to open its potato chip factory, making preparations to launch operations this year.

Potato chips loved by children are mostly imported from China to Mongolia. The company has built this factory with a view to generate income domestically, halting the outflow of money.

“- Our factory has a capacity to produce 50 tons of chips and French fries in a year as It is equipped with potato chip making machine from Germany. We estimate that the factory can provide potato chips equal to 20 percent of total imports of chips. Some 20 persons will have jobs and we will employ local citizens” said the company director S.Nyamjav.

‘Elit Ur’ company is a seed potato producing farm, which plants only seed potato and supplies them all over Mongolia. They use German machinery and Dutch technology in their cultivation, resulting in a high yield of crop. Last year, the farm planted on 50 ha land and harvested 252 centner crop per ha, or 1206 tons in total. The company produces 6 new sorts of elite seed potato and supplies to 260 soums of 21 provinces.