New edition of Mongolia Today magazine

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2017-01-05 14:58:01

Take a look at the last issue of the Mongolia Today quarterly magazine for 2016. The edition for October-December 2016 features articles of a wide range of topics.

In addition to our coverage of major political events, visits and international conferences, this edition features an interesting set of content including Mongolians' latest achievements in sport, irreplaceable historic photographs, winter extreme tourism and prospective renewable energy projects.

2016 has been a vibrant year for Mongolia. From 9 side events of ASEM to the high level Summit, from General Elections to Olympics and from the signing of Mongolia-Russia-China Economic Corridor to Economic Partnership Agreement with Japan, Mongolians have kept busy all year. With festive spirits and many celebrations, Mongolia concludes another year of solar calendar.

Some of the many articles you can read from this issue of the Mongolia Today magazine are as follows;

-    First International Conference on Nomadic Tourism 
-    Chinggis Khaan’s Birthday or Day of Mongolian Pride 
-    55th anniversary of Mongolia and the United Nations 
-    Interview of Minister for Foreign Affairs Ts.Munkh-Orgil 
-    Interview with Paraguayan Ambassador to Mongolia 
-    Copper and Coal price and Budget of Mongolia 
-    Renewable energy development in coming years 
-    Mongolian architects display their best designs 
-    14th Dalai Lama: Inner peace is beneficial to all 
-    Basketball players give hope for team sports development 
-    Achievements of Mongolian athletes in 2016 
-    Winter extreme tour in Mongolia 
-    Mongolia’s first magazine in classical script – “Tradition” and many more. 


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