Bill on Protecting Human Rights on Social Media to be Submitted to the State Great Khural

2023-01-19 08:38:22

Ulaanbaatar, January 18 /MONTSAME/. At its regular meeting dated January 18, the Cabinet made the following decisions.

Child Money to be allocated starting from January 18

According to the Government’s estimation, the child money is going to be allocated to 91% of children.  Due to some inconsistent data in the household database, people raised complaints about the coverage of the child allowance and started submitting their requests to change their data. As of today, 21,513 families have submitted their requests online, 37,478 people have contacted via phone, 22,389 people have met with their soum and khoroo’s officials and 69,910 people have taken advice from the social welfare officers, referring to this issue. From which 16 thousand requests have been settled so far. The cross-functional teams, consisting of social welfare officers and state registrars, are responsible for providing citizens with information and advice.

A Bill on Protecting Human Rights on Social Media to be Submitted to the State Great Khural

At the Cabinet meeting, a bill on protecting human rights on social media was discussed and the Cabinet decided to submit it to the State Great Khural for urgent consideration.

It is required to develop legal framework and formulate regulations for protecting human rights and legitimate interests, restricting inappropriate, discriminatory and insulting words and contradictory contents, preventing children from exposure to any kind of contents that may adversely affect their physical and intellectual development, and prohibiting the promotion of drugs and psychoactive substances online.

Brief news:

-The implementation of Government Resolution No. 362 on measures to increase the foreign exchange reserves and further measures to be taken were presented at the Cabinet meeting.

-The combined sales revenue of the “Erdenes Tavantologoi” LLC, “Erdenet Mining corporation”, Mongolrostsvetmet” SOE and “Darkhan Metallurgical Plant” has reached USD 100.6 million since the beginning of the year.

-A bill to amend the Law on principles to comply with the Mongolian Law of Courts (revised version) was discussed and the members agreed to submit it to the State Great Khural.