Opening bell ceremony for ‘Ard Daatgal’ JSC held at MSE

2018-09-18 16:24:02

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ To honor the occasion of the opening of the stock subscription of Ard Daatgal IPO, Ms. Davaasuren, Chairwoman of FRC, Mr. Tsogbadrakh, CEO of Ard Daatgal JSC, Mr. Dayanbilguun, CEO of BDSec JSC visited Mongolian Stock Exchange on September 17 and rang the bell to start the 5808th securities trading of MSE. 

Ard Daatgal JSC, established in 1994, is the first private insurance company of Mongolia as well as one of the first companies listed on MSE. The Company has 24 branches and 238 insurance brokers. 

The company is offering its 30 percent of total outstanding shares or 7.5 million shares for MNT700 per share and aiming to raise MNT5.25 billion to increase its owners' equity. The subscription will be open until 2 pm September 26, 2018. 


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