Best traditional script writer class receives award


The winner of the national contest ‘Foremost Traditional Script Writers of Mongolia’ in the ‘Best Traditional Script Writer Class’ category has received its award.

The 9A class of Khumuun School in Zuunmod city of Tuv province won the award in the annual contest which is organized by Khumuun Bichig newspaper, published in traditional Mongolian script by MONTSAME news agency.

Last weekend, managing editor of the newspaper Mr. B.Elbegzaya presented the medal and certificate to the class of 30 pupils. Moreover, teacher-in-charge of the class Otgonchimeg received a certificate to travel to Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China, cash prize and a book titled ‘Tour Diary’. The ‘Best Traditional Script Writer Class’ category was included as a new in the contest in 2015, and is one of the most participated categories.

About 70 percent of the pupils of the Khumuun School are excellent traditional script writers, as the school organizes a traditional script writing contest among its pupils every spring. As of the first quarter of 2018, the school is Tuv aimag’s biggest subscriber of the Khumuun Bichig newspaper with a total of 204 subscriptions.

Mongolia has adopted a law legalizing the use of two scripts- Mongolian Cyrillic and the traditional Mongolian as official scripts starting from 2025. Therefore, the Khumuun Bichig newspaper works towards better promotion of the traditional Mongolian script through the annual national contest.