Central Swimming Pool to be privatized

2017-01-04 13:29:26

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Central Swimming Pool' owned by the capital city will be privatized through an open auction on January 09. The center was built in 1986 and big amount of money has been spent from the capital city’s budget to maintain the building. Every district of Ulaanbaatar now has its own training centers for swimming and the "Central Swimming Pool and its Training Center" runs activities with financial loss.

“- The Central Swimming Pool gives services to 80-120 thousand persons annually, running its training courses in four types of swimming. However the number of customers has decreased year by year, as there are more and more private owned swimming pools and training centers now. Therefore, previous authorities of Ulaanbaatar made a decision to privatize the center” said Ch.Odnasan, chair of the Property Relations Department of Ulaanbaatar city. The starting price of the auction is MNT10 billion 871 million and 620 thousand.

On January 09, more properties will be privatized in open auction, including kindergarten and family hospital buildings. For more information about the properties, visit www.umch.ub.gov.mn.