Copper concentration export through Zamiin-Uud resumes

2022-01-27 13:31:24

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported that the export of copper concentration through Zamiin-Uud border checkpoint is resuming today.


Specifically, the Infection Prevention and Control Staff of Erlian city of Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region yesterday put out a statement on resuming the export of coal, iron ore, and copper concentration through Zamiin-Uud border checkpoint starting from today, January 27 in phases.


In accordance with the statement, 57 wagons of Erdenet copper concentrate, as well as 64 wagons of iron ore were delivered to Erlian last night. Moreover, the Chinese side has officially announced that the opportunity has also been opened up for the import of containerized coal by road through the port. Thus, the export of copper concentrate, which had been suspended indefinitely due to the pandemic, resumed.