Mongolian traditional utensils on display

2018-02-09 12:21:07

On February 8, opening ceremony of exhibition named ‘Mongolian traditional vessel’ took place at the National Museum of Mongolia.


Through the exhibition, the National Museum of Mongolia is presenting over 170 kitchen utensils and vessels made by Mongolian skilled craftsmen from different places. 


Utensil and vessel are inseparable part of human development history and utensils of Mongolians have been solid, portable with light weight which can be durable and easily carried during migrations.


Mongolian craftsmen used to make traditional storage boxes (avdar), barrel and trough mostly with birch, pine, cedar, cypress tree and sandalwood.  Whereas, they were using tannery to make durable food containers for liquids like dashmag, khukhuur-leather container for making fermented mare milk-airag and tulam.


The exhibition is attracting visitors with its exhibits including two traditional silver tea pot with luxurious design and dragon shaped handles and silver bowels being used by Marshal Choibalsan and Tsedenbal as well as Mongolian wooden plate decorated with gold, silver, coral and pearl which is used for religious rituals, golden teapot and dishes and archeological findings which date back to ancient times such as stone dishes and ladle were on focus.


The exhibition will be open until March 14 to the public free of charge.