Free buses to serve during the Tsagaan sar

2018-02-08 15:46:57

Public buses in the capital city will serve free of charge during the Tsagaan sar holiday or on February 16th , 17th  and 18th

The Ulaanbaatar city council made this decision during its meeting on february 7 to reduce extreme traffic loads that are created in some areas of the capital city during the holiday. 

Moreover, free buses will serve to some suburb destinations such as Nalaikh and Biocombinat.

Mr Batbold governor of the capital city and mayor of Ulaanbaatar, said: “during the public celebrations, some parts of the capital city get extreme traffic loads. In this regard, the municipal administration made the decision to provide the citizens with free of charge buses, covering the costs from the city.  We appeal citizens to choose public services during day-offs instead of private automobiles. We will further focus on development and safety of the public transportation service.”