Cyrillic and braille to be combined in textbooks

2018-02-06 18:46:37

A project was launched on February 6 to provide textbooks in Cyrillic and braille for visually impaired pupils of the first, second and third grades of primary schools. The Government of Australia is providing fund worth AUD 55 million 253 for the project.

In frames of the project, Cyrillic - braille textbooks and children’s fairy tales will be published in compliance with international standards at the Braille and Talking Book Publishing Center under the Mongolian National Association of the Blinds. The project is also charted to modernize old equipment of the Center’s printing house.

Children constitute five percent of about 17 thousand visually impaired people in Mongolia. The 116th School of Ulaanbaatar, the only school for the visually impaired in Mongolia, has 108 pupils. Last year, 8 pupils graduated from the school.

Visually impaired pupils get 3,12 percent of their textbooks in braille, and learn the rest of their syllabus from 40-minute classroom lectures, whereas ordinary schools fully provide textbooks to their pupils. As such, the project will be an important development in the primary education of visually impaired children in Mongolia.