Nine White Banners Ceremony takes place

2020-07-09 15:07:29

The ceremony of the Nine White Banners took place today, on the occasion of the upcoming Naadam Festival commemorating the 2229th anniversary of Foundation of the first Mongolian State, 814th anniversary of the founding of the Great Mongol Empire, and the 99th anniversary of the Mongolian People’s Revolution.

The Nine White Banners were brought out from the State House to the Sukhbaatar Square and carried around the State House in a clock-wise direction. The ceremony was carried out by the Mongolian state honor guards on horse, with the State Special Security officials following at the end of the procession and the Military Band of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Mongolia paying homage with music. The Nine White Banners were placed back in the ceremonial hall of the State House after the ceremony.

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