Traditional Mongolian locks on display

2018-12-20 19:28:56

An exhibition, showcasing all types of Mongolian traditional locks that are beautifully hand-crafted with great details, combing Mongolian interlocking method with blacksmith’s skills opened at the Mongolian Theatre’s Museum on December 19. The exhibition ‘Traditional Mongolian Lock- Unforgettable heritage’ aims to research traditional Mongolian lock that are being forgotten and blacksmiths, enrich data system with new findings and promote Mongolian traditional lock to the public.

It is also significant that it is promoting about 10 Mongolian blacksmiths who crafted Mongolian locks.

Member of Board Council of the Cultural Heritage Council NGO D.Tsedmaa:

“We aimed at introducing Mongolian locks along with biographies of blacksmiths who crafted them. So, we hope that the exhibition will provide a lot of information. Many exhibits such as alphabet and digit coded locks made during the 1960, symbol locks or others with many keys are on display.”

In the exhibition, photographs of Mongolian locks being kept in local museums across the country and personal collections consist of rare and precious Mongolian locks of Mr. R.Otgonbaatar are also on display. In addition, Director of Education Institute of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports L.Lkhagvasuren introduced a lock with five keys that made by his father to the visitors.

Collector R.Otgonbaatar:

“I have collected over 500 Mongolian locks for my personal collection for almost 50 years since I was a child. However, only few of them are on display today. Mongolian lock’s square shape is related to Mongolian traditional wooden storage chest aka avdar and door. Chinese locks are long and oval-shaped whereas Russian ones are circular-shaped and with a hook.”

Director of Education Institute and Dr L.Lkhagvasuren

“I brought the lock crafted by my father, which is opened with five keys. The lock will not open if one of five keys is missed. Each key is given number and it will open the lock subsequently.”

As part of another interesting feature of the exhibition, internal structure of Mongolian traditional lock and its working mechanism are being presented through 3D animation. Also, Mongolian locks printed by 3D printer are drawing viewers’ attention and give them chance to see and open 3D printed locks by themselves.

The exhibition is open until December 25.