‘Ulemjiin Chanar’ Mongolian porcelain exhibition opens

2017-10-23 16:34:39
An exhibition named “Ulemjiin Chanar - Mongolian porcelain” by an artist Khadkhuu Khaltar, opened at the Bogd Khan Palace Museum on October 21.

The exhibition was co-organized by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MAS), the Institute of History and Archaeology and a cartoonist S.Tsogtbayar. Since his graduation from the School of Fine Arts in 1991 majoring in the art porcelain, Mr Khadkhuu has been doing his works for 25 years.

He creates his works, maintaining disciplines of High Saint Zanabazar, the First Bogd. Mr Khadkhuu is one of the few artists who is continuing the Zanabazar’s art works.

The exhibition is displaying 8 extraordinary historical artworks kept in the Bogd Khan Palace Museum, over 40 clay sculptures of Buddha found from the Saridag Monastery, which were created by the Zanabazar’s disciplines and 14 artworks made by Khadkhuu.