MONTSAME’s “Novosty Mongolii” newspaper celebrates its 75th anniversary

2017-05-04 10:11:03
“Novosty Mongolii” weekly newspaper in Russian language, which is published by the Mongolian National News Agency MONTSAME reached the age of 75 this year.
On the occasion of the anniversary, a meeting was held on May 3 at the MONTSAME Agency building with attendance I.N.Arzhaev, Minister-Counselor of the Embassy of Russia in Ulaanbaatar, B.Galaarid, President of the Confederation of Mongolian Journalists, M.Otgonbayar, Head of the Ulaanbaatar city administration and other officials.
At the meeting, B.Ganchimeg, Director General the MONTSAME News Agency remarked that “Mongolia and Russia have a long history of friendly relations. Novosty Mongolii newspaper is a symbol of the bilateral ties between the two countries. The MONTSAME News Agency has always endeavored to make our contribution to the bilateral relations of Mongolia and Russia”. 
Afterwards, Minister-Counselor Mr I.N.Arzhaev delivered a speech saying that “I’m an avid reader of the Novosty Mongolii newspaper, which is a main reliable source of news about important events taking place in Mongolia. All of Russian companies in Mongolia are subscribers of the newspaper. Articles and stories included in the newspaper are all interesting and useful to its readers. I hope the team of the newspaper will keep their high responsibility and commitment to professional journalism ethics and standards.
The Novosty Mongolii newspaper was founded on May 1, 1942 with a name “Unen-Pravda” (means truth in Mongolian and Russian). The first Editor-in-chief of the newspaper was Byambyn Rinchen (1905-1977), one of the founders of modern Mongolian literature, author, translator of literature and a scholar in various areas of Mongolian studies. Since its founding, well-known Mongolian journalists, translators, foreign affairs specialists and diplomats used to work for the newspaper.