The Sanduin Jud made of pure silver

2019-01-23 13:51:25

The sutra named Sanduin Jud or the Basic Summary of Secrets, which contains 50 intricately detailed Buddhist portraits created with the relief technique on silver pages, is preserved at the Precious Rare Books Museum of the National Library of Mongolia.

Consisting of 12 chapters of Buddhist Tantra teachings, the Sanduin Jud was made by a group of craftsmen with the donation of Buddhist followers at the Manzushir Monastery in the late 19th century. While each letter was sculpted using the relief technique and then covered with gold on the silver pages, which has the ratio of 73.8 x 21.9 cm, the first and last sentences of the sutra were embedded with gold. The silver pages with the intricately crafted letters and portraits were then put back to back, made into a single page and framed with red sandalwood.

It is also worth noting that 4 pages of the sutra have the 16 dakinis embroidered on blue silk. With each page being 2.3 cm thick, the 111-page sutra made of gold and silver weighs a total of 52 kg and 560 grams.

Originally in the possession of Manzushir Khutukhtu Tserendorj, the sutra was passed onto the National Library by the Bogd Khan’s Library in 1924. The sutra was registered as an Exceptionally Valuable Heritage by the Government resolution no.241 made in 1995.

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