Blue Pearl Ice Festival to take place in March

2019-01-18 18:44:36

The annual Blue Pearl Ice Festival will be taking place on March 1-4 at the Khuvsgul Lake.

With numerous performances and sports events, the festival attracts many tourists as well as people from not only the capital city, but also from other aimags.

In aims of attracting public attention to the preservation of Khuvsgul Lake, the locals and ‘Mother Sea Khuvsgul’ NGO initiated the festival with horse sleigh race as the main event in 2000.

Various performances as well as competitions, such as fashion show, relay race and sumo wrestling on ice, and horse sleigh race, take place at the festival, which is now organized by the Governor’s Office of Khuvsgul aimag. The visitors will also be able to have a fun time with their friends and family riding dog sled and reindeer on the frozen lake of Khuvsgul.

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