Interest expressed to cooperate in implementing Eg hydropower plant project

2022-07-06 18:39:28

Prime Minister of Mongolia L.Oyun-Erdene received Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation S.V. Lavrov on July 5.

Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene mentioned that the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the Russian Federation was commemorated last year, and it is in the mutual interests of our two countries to enrich the new century of relations with real content in accordance with the principles of good neighborly relations and comprehensive strategic partnership.

The PM exchanged views with the Foreign Minister on the Government of Mongolia’s ‘New Revival Policy’, which is aimed at enhancing post-pandemic economic recovery. They discussed the mega projects that will serve as a stepping stone to advance trade and economic cooperation between the two countries to a new level, particularly the construction project of a natural gas pipeline connecting Russia and China through the territory of Mongolia, the project to build railroads in eastern and western regions of Mongolia, the construction of Altanbulag-Zamyn-Uud highway and the establishment of Altanbulag free economic zone.

After emphasizing the issue of a reliable supply of petroleum products from Russia to Mongolia, the PM expressed his desire to expand cooperation in the energy sector, and for this purpose, to implement the Eg River hydropower plant project in Mongolia in cooperation with Russian companies.

The Russian Foreign Minister thanked the Prime Minister for the meeting, mentioning that relations and cooperation between Mongolia and Russia were full of rich historical events, and gave information on some issues of cooperation. In particular, he suggested closer cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Union in order to eliminate difficulties in increasing bilateral trade, and noted the possibility of providing support to Mongolia in this regard. He thanked the Government of Mongolia for paying special attention to the implementation of the projects within the economic cooperation between Mongolia and Russia, including the natural gas pipeline project, as well as the project to increase the efficiency of the Ulaanbaatar Railways JSC.

Also, at the meeting, it was mentioned that it is necessary to continue addressing bilateral issues through the Mongolia-Russia Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

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